Venwoude Summer Retreat

Summer Retreat ‘I am Source’

Summer retreat 2019: Being together in the Light of Awareness

Six full days to come home to your deepest self through meditation, contemplation and other forms of self-inquiry. To realize that you are both pure spirit and a unique expression of life. Our annual Summer Retreat is an opportunity to go on an inner journey of liberation and purification, after which you will return to your daily life refreshed and replenished.


I am Source
It is possible to embrace pain and suffering while at the same time realizing yourself as ‘source’. Beyond our separate self, we can experience ourselves as whole and complete, as a source from which we can give. Connected to this ‘abundance consciousness’, we can be present in the world as giving beings.

Integral spirituality
Liberation from the disguise of our separate self is the foundation of every spiritual tradition. In integral spirituality, you are invited to go even further, beyond liberation, by bringing your realization of the power of spirit into action, for the benefit of yourself, others and the world.

The journey
First you will be invited to see the Venwoude Estate as ‘the mountain’ where you withdraw from ordinary life, in order to be nourished by the source of the retreat. Then you will be invited to translate all your discoveries into a vision for the season lying ahead.

For whom?
The Summer Retreat is intended for anyone interested in the path of conscious growth through deepening their inner awareness. In our vision, this path includes your personal growth and healing as well as your deep longing to express your true essence in how you live your life.

What can you expect?
In our Summer Retreat, we offer many new perspectives on the unfolding of this inner process and its meaning for your life. Various forms of self-inquiry, both on your own and together with others, will help you open up to your inner ‘truth’, where the essence of who you are can reveal itself to you. We also do lots of practices in order to learn to embody and anchor this essence in ourselves. By creating new pathways as alternatives for our old ego patterns, we will increasingly be able meet life coming from our essence.

Traveling together
As teachers and co-bearers of the Venwoude Sangha, we know from our own experience how your path of spiritual growth is empowered and accelerated when you make this journey together with others. It is in the connection with others that you can truly meet yourself.

The Summer Retreat is led by Venwoude’s ‘elders’ and Sangha teachers Marijke Heetveld, Mauk Pieper and Pauline Botden. For over 25 years, they have been closely working together in guiding people on their path of personal and spiritual growth.

Day program  

Morning ritual
We start the day together by waking up our body through various forms of bodywork and meditation.

Breakfast in the dining room or outside on one of the Villa or Pyramid terraces.

Working in Flow
Working in Flow is practicing love in action. After setting a clear intention, we practice letting our body perform a specific task with grace and free attention. At the same time, we help create a fresh, harmonious atmosphere on the grounds and in the training halls that we use during our retreat.

Day Opening
We meet on the first floor of the Pyramid, accompanied by music and mantra singing. You are invited to share what the teachings are stirring up in you and find a larger perspective with the support of a teacher.

Morning program
Teachings on the theme of the retreat by one of the teachers.

Lunch break
After lunch there is time to relax. Sometimes you will be invited to use the lunch break for self-inquiry, either alone or with a partner.

Afternoon program
In the afternoon, we will further explore the theme of that morning through various forms of self-inquiry, bodywork, partner exercises and sharing circles. There will be also opportunities to discuss your experiences in private with one of the teachers.

At the end of the afternoon, there is again time to relax. The bar will be open, you can take a walk in the woods, lie around on the Sun Meadow or enjoy the sauna.

Evening program
After dinner, we use the evenings for relaxing, hanging out together, self-expression through music or dancing, or maybe watch a movie. The evenings will often be closed by meditation and (mantra) singing, after which the Pyramid bar will remain open for some time.
With respect to your communication with others, throughout the retreat you will be reminded that we are in retreat together.

Individual conversations

As part of the retreat, you can have a short talk with one of the teachers during the breaks.


Data: Sunday 28th July to Friday 2nd of August 2019

Costs: € 825,- (dormitory). Single or double rooms are available for an extra fee of € 211,75 or € 165,50 respectively, per person.

Venwoude Sangha members only pay € 697,50

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