The Path

Many ancient wisdom traditions speak of ‘the Path’ of spiritual growth and awakening. For support on your own path of personal growth, you have at your disposal a range of activities facilitated by the Venwoude Sangha: the Day Opening, the Sunday Evenings, customized Individual Retreats, our annual Venwoude Summer Retreat (Dutch spoken) and the residential program Integral Living.

In the Venwoude Sangha you get introduced to advanced insights in the realm of personal and transpersonal consciousness work. Our teachers also offer various forms of self-inquiry and spiritual practice. This can help you deepen your insight in all aspects of our human condition, based on your own inner experience. You will remember who you truly are and gradually discover how to be with others from this place and learn to arrange your life in an authentic way.

The easiest and most informal way to get a taste of the Venwoude Sangha is attending the Day Opening at Venwoude. To get to know us a little better, you are welcome to visit one of our biweekly Sunday Evenings (please let us know beforehand by email). For a deeper dive, you might consider doing a customized Individual Retreat, supervised by one of the Sangha teachers, or taking part in our annual Venwoude Summer Retreat (Dutch spoken). The most intensive way of immersing yourself in the Sangha, after some preliminary training, is stepping into our residential program ‘Integral Living’ where you come and live at Venwoude for a year.

For more information about these possibilities, see below.

The Day Opening

Every morning, Venwoude residents and guests come together in the Pyramid for the Day Opening. It is an opportunity to bring forward and examine any issue from your daily life together with a teacher. In the presence of all, the issue will be put into a larger perspective. The impact of this moment of reflection can often be felt throughout the day.
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Sunday Evenings

In the Venwoude Sangha, we walk our path of conscious growth together, according to our motto ‘Interconnected Individuality’. As Sangha members, we have a clear intention to support and mirror one another on our path. It is in our contacts with others that we meet and get to know ourselves. Twice a month we get together for inspiration, self-inquiry and sharing in an Integral context.
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Individual Retreats

An individual retreat means taking time and space for yourself, in a welcoming environment that stimulates self-reflection, processing and relaxation. By leaving behind the business of everyday life for a while, you get more in touch with yourself. This can open up inner space for new insights, perspectives and impulses.
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Summer Retreat

The Venwoude Summer Retreat: a full week in the woods between Amsterdam and Utrecht with profound teachings and a heartwarming gathering with fellow travelers on the path of inner growth. Our beautiful estate offers a whole range of possibilities to relax, reflect, recharge and enjoy. For everyone who loves consciousness work.
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Integral Living

Our intensive residential program where you commit to come and live at Venwoude for at least a year. Every three months you have the opportunity to step into this continuous program. Together with your fellow travelers you put the path of Interconnected Individuality into practice – day in, day out. Held in de container of a group of kindred spirits, you learn to come into your own as a unique individual, coming from your essence beyond your ego.
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