The Day Opening

For Venwoude’s residents and guests it is a long-standing tradition to gather each morning in the Pyramid for the Day Opening. It gives you an opportunity to explore an issue from your daily life with a teacher, in order to find a larger perspective. The essence always boils down to some universal human theme that is familiar to all. The impact of this moment of reflection can often be felt throughout the day.

Anyone who has ever participated in any training, program or retreat at Venwoude is welcome as a guest at the Day Opening.

Marijke, Mauk and Pauline take turns in facilitating the Day Opening. From the depth of their presence and their decades of experience on the path of personal and spiritual growth, they will shine their light on the issues brought forward, in close connection with those concerned.

The Day Opening takes place every day between 8:30 and 9 am on the first floor of the Pyramid. Between 8.15 and 8.25 at the latest you can go up (please take off your shoes) and find yourself a seat. There are meditation cushions, backjacks and some chairs.

Former Day Openings
Every week, a transcribed Day Opening is emailed to subscribers (in Dutch). Former Day Openings can be accessed here.