Sunday Evenings

The Venwoude Sangha consists of a permanent core of people, both residents and non-residents, who have joined forces with one another for their personal and spiritual growth. The Sangha comes together every 2nd and 4th Sunday evening of the month and is always open to guests of members and anyone else who is interested.

Open Sangha evenings with our Teacher Friends
Teacher friends leading a retreat at Venwoude will usually visit our Sangha on an evening immediately preceding or following their retreat. These special evenings, too, are open to non-members. Please register beforehand by sending an email to

Our Teacher Friends include Miranda Macpherson, Isaac Shapiro, Jun Po Denis Kelly Roshi, Doshin Michael Nelson Roshi, Pema Gitama, Marya Norell en Teja Bell.           >>More about our Teacher Friends

Content of the evening
From 7 pm, we get together in the Pyramid over a cup of tea or coffee. At 7:30 we go up to the first floor where we start with a silent meditation. Then one of the Sangha teachers will present an introduction about a specific subject. This theme is further explored through self-inquiry and/or other practices, followed by a round of sharing and reflection. We close the evening by singing a mantra together. Afterwards, the Pyramid bar will be open for an informal chat.

Sunday evening, every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month:

  • From 7 pm Coffee and tea in the Pyramid
  • 7:30 pm Start of the meeting
  • 9:10 pm Closure

The Pyramid bar will be open afterwards.

Sangha members pay a yearly fee of 425 euros. Guests and other visitors are always welcome and pay 15 euros per evening.

The Venwoude Sangha membership includes:

  • all our regular Sunday Evenings, twice a month
  • audio recordings of these evenings
  • special evenings with Teacher Friends
  • audio recordings of these evenings
  • special gatherings with Teacher Friends
  • private talks with Venwoude teachers during Sangha gatherings
  • 15% discount on the Venwoude Summer Retreat and 10% discount on the retreat-part of the costs of all retreats of Teacher Friends

To register for a Sangha Evening send an email to