Pauline Botden

Pauline has been supporting people in their personal and spiritual growth for over 25 years. To live with an open heart for every person she meets – that is her path as well as the basis for her refined sense for truth and connection.

Pauline has been connected to Venwoude since 1991. Living and working in this community, for many years with an inspired teacher, has enriched her intensive personal and spiritual growth.

She likes to turn to various teachers for spiritual nourishment, integrating her experiences and insights into an integral view on the human condition and its transformation.

After 20 intensive years of working as a trainer in the fields of personal leadership, communication and group dynamics, Pauline now focuses mostly on supporting the participants of our residential program Integral Living.

Her experiences with writing letters from the heart, as a daily spiritual practice, are described in her book ‘Love Beyond Imagination’. She also guides others in this practice.

What people say about Pauline

Joyful compassion
Pauline is one big heart in which she receives everybody unconditionally. You feel the joy and compassion of spiritual growth in her. She is fully present and radiates deep caring, awareness and precision. Nothing is out of bounds for her. Even in the midst of serious stuff, you can have a good laugh with her.

So very human
Pauline is a true example of how to be a teacher and a normal, ordinary person at the same time. She radiates wisdom and great clarity while giving the impression that it is all very obvious. She is very dedicated to the path of conscious growth. To her, this is so natural that she gives you the feeling that you would miss out on a big opportunity if you don’t. She is able to allow you to get really close without her losing sight of your autonomy.

Wisdom in everyday matters
Pauline teaches you to really look at what is going on and to embrace every issue that comes up as a source of valuable information for yourself. She invites you to find truth in any experience and in every situation. With her loving sharpness and playfulness, she is able to simplify complex experiences and stories into seemingly obvious points. You get a sense of what is right and what your next step should be.

Karma Yoga
The ancient practice of being of service continues to be alive in Pauline. She teaches you the value of liking what you do, instead of doing what you feel like. Based on her own experience, she helps you discover how joyful it is to go beyond your own preferences. This will then show up in your attitude, not just in what you do. For herself, she doesn’t derive anything from what she does, she just does it. That is a clear sign of great power, demonstrating her depth and full presence.

You walk your own path, but you don’t need to walk alone
With her sense for ‘togetherness,’ Pauline is able to create a spiritual family. While each person walks their own path, you discover how the journey is enriched if it is shared, received and evaluated. Just as you can trust and rely on her, you learn to trust and rely on yourself. Remembering to ask for help and support, as well as extending your own support to others, results in a connection that is far beyond superficial social contact. It results in a deep sense of trust and relaxation while in the company of others.