Mauk Pieper

Mauk has over 25 years of experience in working with people. His own intense journey of personal and spiritual growth enables him to connect with others at a deep level. He likes to be inspired by a broad range of teachers and thinkers with an integral view on the human condition.

From an integral point of view
Mauk knows where he stands among other evolutionary thinkers and shares his insights in retreats, trainings and on his website, He writes blogs from an integral point of view about the do’s and don’ts of consciousness work for the benefit of yourself, others and the larger whole. In the area of Integral leadership and Integral spirituality, he wrote the books ‘Humanity’s Second Shock and Your Unique Self’ and ‘Het Centaurproces’.

You can listen to his teachings via Mauk’s SoundCloud.

How I receive appreciation
The signs of appreciation below I have gratefully received from people who have experienced my essence in my best moments. Over the years, I have been able to shift away from acting out my patterns towards radiating my essence. In my experience, we never get rid of anything, not even our old patterns. However, they have become more like signposts now, instead of merely obstacles. The idea that I could ever reach the point of coming from my essence perfectly, would just be another obstacle.

What people say about Mauk

Speaking from the Heart
Mauk is a clean presence, which can be felt and seen in the way he shows up and speaks. He is very clear and has great powers of discernment. His words indicate an intelligence that comes straight from his heart, while being impersonal at the same time. In guiding others, he is able to open your eyes with a kind of surgical precision.

Team player
Mauk understands the art of inviting people to ‘take a stance’, something they will tell you about with joy and appreciation. He is able to point out connections and a larger context in such a way that people feel seen and understood in the complexity of their situation. This is how he brings people together.

Mauk lives the kind of life he speaks about. Consciousness work on the edge, that is where he is able to inspire and appeal to people. He is very receptive and his ability to laugh about himself is disarming and contagious.

Mauk has an enormous, unremitting drive for sticking to his practice of meditation, self-inquiry, physical exercise and reading. Discipline is no dirty word for Mauk, for he knows its fruits. He demonstrates what discipline can bring – a clear example of this can be seen in the raising of his daughter.

During the Day Opening, he truly connects with people, enriching the exchange with pieces of teaching that lift them up, beyond their issue. He radiates a deep silence that touches people.