Marijke Heetveld

For over 25 years, Marijke has been supporting people to raise their quality of life. She has been connected to Venwoude since 1991 and dedicates her life to the quests of ‘what is my purpose’ and ‘how does it all work in life?’. On her journey, she has become more and more available for the pulse of life itself.

Marijke sees her life as one big training school and loves to be inspired by various spiritual teachers in order to keep nourishing ‘the larger perspective’ within herself. She draws from her extensive experience of life in all that she does, including the expertise she gained in her Andragogy studies and her training and practice as an Emotional Bodywork trainer/therapist and as a Re-Attach therapist.

You can find more about Marijke on her (Dutch) website.

What people say about Marijke

Marijke lovingly dedicates herself to the people who cross her path, with the result that they feel reconnected again with their inner potential. She achieves this by helping you to find practical and creative ways to lead a  playful, meaningful life, aligned and in service to the larger whole we are all part of.

You can count on her
Marijke finds her way in the diversity of things. She carved her own way in the world and encourages others to do the same: ‘Do what feels right, do what suits you.’ At the highest level that means: ‘Just live your own life!’ This is also the power she is able to contribute at critical moments that really call for input. At such moments, everybody can count on her.

‘It is what it is’
She lives from a deep knowing that ‘it is what it is’. This is what she recognizes in others and what others recognize in her. Whatever the situation, she will give it her full attention, giving others the feeling they have been seen and heard. Her impersonal approach is enriched by her subtle precision and a willingness to be moved. Because of the way she is able to communicate all this, it doesn’t seem to be such a big deal, but actually it is a big deal.

Life’s lessons
Marijke has clearly learned her lessons from everything she has experienced, from a very young age onwards. She is like a true grandmother, able to transmit her lessons concerning all aspects of life.

Marijke has a ‘divine pride’ that is aligned with high principles and values, knowing how to apply them from moment to moment and in every detail. She is clearly centered, which evokes trust. She has a heartwarming sensitivity that opens other people’s hearts and inspires modesty and humility. Marijke lives her life coming from a deep commitment – she cares about everything. This makes her fully present.