Individual Retreats

Individual retreats
Taking time for yourself. Time to relax and recharge. Time to go within, digest and find new inspiration. Or time to practice new ways of working and relating. We offer two basic retreat forms:

  • Coming home to yourself: in consultation with staff, you plan your
  • Awareness in Action: you work half a day in our Retreat Center, practicing working with awareness and in flow. The rest of the day is spent according to your own needs and wishes.

With its 30 years of dedication to consciousness work, Venwoude offers an ideal environment for your personal journey.

An individual retreat at Venwoude means taking time and space for you. To relax, to unwind and to turn within and/or practice working from awareness and in flow.

On our beautiful estate in a woodland nature sanctuary, everyone is focused on personal growth and consciousness work – both the people who live and work here and the participants in trainings and group retreats. Its combination of human warmth and spiritual depth makes Venwoude a unique place for your personal inner journey.

Plus, Venwoude is highly praised for its simple but high-quality accommodations, its excellent organic and mostly vegetarian food, its well-kept gardens, as well as its loving care and eye for detail in general.

What is an individual retreat?
The word ‘retreat’ means to withdraw. You withdraw for a while from the business or routine of your everyday life and immerse yourself into an environment of quietude that invites deep reflection. A place where you can relax and unwind, both physically, emotionally and mentally. A place where you have time to think about things that may be going on in your life. A place to get in touch with your deeper feelings and intuitions, so  you can digest and integrate the past into the present. This opens up space in your mind and heart for new perspectives and impulses beckoning you from the future.

Each individual retreat will be catered to your needs in your present stage in your life’s journey. We offer two main varieties:

  • Coming Home to Yourself retreat: in consultation with staff, you plan your days according to your own needs and wishes,
  • Awareness in Action retreat: you work half a day in our Retreat Center, practicing working from awareness and in flow. The rest of the day is spent according to your own needs and wishes.

In both varieties you are welcome to take part in our Day Rhythm and other activities.

Why book an individual retreat?
People book individual retreats with us for a great variety of reasons. Some come because of a burn-out or a stressful situation at work or at home. Others feel an inner urge to take some time to contemplate a complex issue in their life. Some people simply want to open up to new meaningful connections or new inspiration, or like to immerse themselves in Venwoude’s serene atmosphere to deepen their meditation and contemplation practice.

Whatever the apparent reason for an individual retreat, you will often find that below the surface, other issues are asking for your attention. Venwoude’s friendly atmosphere, the quietude and beauty of its natural surroundings can all be very helpful on your inner journey. If you so wish, you can turn to our experienced teachers for counseling.

Whether you have previously participated in a training or retreat at Venwoude or have never been here before, you are most welcome to spend some time with us.

Coming Home to Yourself retreat
In this retreat you take the time to re-encounter yourself afresh, beyond the overdose of distractions that we have grown so used to in modern life. At Venwoude you will find all the quiet you need for turning within. The beautiful gardens and surrounding woods and meadows are perfect for silent walks or simply sitting still. Apart from your own room, there are several quiet community rooms where you can sit and read or meditate, alone or in the company of others.

You are free to plan your days according to your own needs and wishes. Only the meals are served at three fixed times a day. You are welcome to eat with us in the dining room or you can eat alone in your room or elsewhere. You are also welcome to join us in our Day Rhythm: starting the day with Working in Flow and the Day Opening, and participating in our morning and afternoon tea breaks. In the evenings, the bar in the Pyramid is usually open. On Friday nights you can go to the sauna at the Sun Meadow.

A Coming Home to Yourself retreat is a wonderful gift to yourself that will send you home refreshed and inspired.

Awareness in Action retreat
This retreat focuses more on self-exploration and practice in working from awareness, apart from having time for yourself. You assist half a day in the daily tasks of running our Retreat Center and plan the rest of your day according to your own needs and wishes, as described above under ‘Coming Home to Yourself retreat’.

An Awareness in Action retreat is the obvious choice for people who are under a lot of stress at work, on the brink of a burn-out or recovering from one. It is also a good choice if you are ‘living in your head’ a lot. Simple tasks like cutting vegetables in the kitchen, alone or in the company of others, can really help you to ground yourself more and become more aware of your feelings.

Working from awareness and in flow
Because of our decades of experience with working from awareness and in flow, we can teach you a lot about your inner attitude to work and the way you plan and spend your time and energy. We are experts in working with a specific intention, which provides both focus and relaxation. We will also invite you to take time for self-reflection, constructive evaluation and becoming aware of how you communicate and cooperate with others.

After your Awareness in Action retreat you can expect to return to your life and workplace with new confidence in your ability to stay both focused and relaxed.

Intake interview
In your intake interview with Pauline Botden, the focus will be on clarifying where you stand and what it is that you most need at this point in your life. Together you will decide which retreat form suits you best, in  alignment with your needs, wishes and possibilities.

For the Awareness in Action retreat, the focus will be on clarifying your habitual patterns and pitfalls in work situations. Together you will decide what specific learning environment would suit you best in order for you to be able to take your next steps.

Interested? Please email Pauline for more information or to apply for a free interview with her.

Practicalities & prices

  • A private room (shower and toilets in hallway)
  • Three organic meals a day (predominantly vegetarian, special diets possible)
  • Tea, hot water and fruit available during the day, in the morning also coffee
  • Access to Pyramid and living room in the Villa
  • You are welcome to join us in our Daily Rhythm (Work in Flow, Day Opening, morning and afternoon breaks)
  • Use of sauna on Friday evenings
  • Massage (by appointment, for an extra fee)
  • Individual counseling (by appointment, for an extra fee)


Coming Home to Yourself retreat

From Thursdays to Mondays: € 100,- per day, minimum is 3 days (2 nights).

Awareness in Action retreat

From Thursdays to Mondays: € 80,- per day, minimum is 3 days (2 nights).