About us

Collective leadership
The Venwoude Sangha is led by collective leadership, consisting of our teachers Marijke Heetveld, Mauk Pieper and Pauline Botden in collaboration with our five ‘co-bearers’: Leon Gras, Kees van de Guchte, Marleen Vrancken, Anne Karen Bakker and Angela Pieper.

Together we are the bearers of the Sangha.

As bearers of the Venwoude Sangha, we have been committed to the path of Interconnected Individuality for a long time. During our many years of working together and supporting each other, we have gained a lot of experience and insight in the realms of consciousness work, psychological healing and spiritual growth. We can therefore truly say that we never preach anything without having first-hand experience in applying it in practice. We walk our talk!

The teachers of the Venwoude Sangha
Our Sangha teachers Marijke, Mauk and Pauline have lived and studied more than 20 years under the inspiring guidance of Venwoude’s founder, the late Ted Wilson. After his death in 2007, they went through another intense process of personal and spiritual growth together, which has resulted in the collective, holocratic style of leadership that now characterizes Venwoude.

Each of these three teachers embodies totally different qualities. They have developed and claimed these qualities for themselves over decades of ceaseless and still ongoing self-inquiry and practice, honed by their daily interaction with one another.

The co-bearers of the Sangha
The five co-bearers of the Sangha are experienced players on the path of Interconnected Individuality who feel the same inner calling as our three teachers. They, too, have been living and working together at Venwoude for many years, supporting each other on their path of personal and spiritual growth. These co-bearers are: Leon Gras, Marleen Vrancken, Kees van de Guchte, Anne Karen Bakker and Angela Pieper.

Marijke Heetveld

For over 25 years, Marijke has been supporting people to raise their quality of life. She has been connected to Venwoude since 1991 and dedicates her life to the quests of ‘what is my purpose’ and ‘how does it all work in life?’. On her journey, she has become more and more available for the pulse of life itself.
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Mauk Pieper

Mauk has over 25 years of experience in working with people. The intense process of personal and spiritual growth he went through, now enables him to connect with people at a deep level. He likes to be inspired by a broad range of teachers and thinkers with an integral view on the human condition.
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Pauline Botden

Pauline, too, has been supporting people in their personal and spiritual growth for over 25 years. To live with an open heart for everyone she meets – that is her path as well as the basis for her refined sense for truth and connection.
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